Kasturi Mrig – Musk Deer of Himalayas..

Musk Deer

Musk Deer

Musk Deer is the state animal of Uttakhand found in area above 3500mt on the Himalayas. Native call it as Kasturi Mrig and scientific name of this animal is Moschus Chrysogaster.  This is a rare animal which inhabits in the dense forest of Deodar and fir.


The endangered Kastruri Mrig is not only beautiful animal but its “Kasturi” is used in approximately 150 Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines. Kasturi (musk) is expensive aromatic fluid which is produce by a gland present near its naval.

Musk deer is a small and shy animal around 13 to 15kg, without antlers, which is at risk to come an end.  Indian Wildlife board include Kasturi mrig in. an endandered animal with other 12 species in the year 1952. Efforts are made to save this animal after passing the law Wild life preservation act. In 1972  Kedarnath Musk deer sanctuary is located in the Kedarnath region in Rudraprayag district. .This sanctuary is set up to protect the animal and forest of the Panch Kedar belt. This sanctuary covers an area about 967.2 sq km. This sanctuary includes Snow leopard, Snow Cock, Tahr, Leopard and lot of species of birds. A project funded by WWF in the years 1978 and 1980 was undertaken in this sanctuary, on the research of Musk deer. A Musk deer breeding farm in Kanchulakhark is to stimulate the breed of Musk deer. Environment is made like natural forest. Water and salt is providing to these deers.

Musk deer likes to be in pairs. These are very shy animal and hide when heard even a mutter. Musk deer are vulnerable, and are in very less number and are in the state of nonexistence.     

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